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1 piece Briel windbreak verge, 6/16, COPPER-PLATED + SCREW

We offer in this offer Briel windbreak verge in standard sizes of Stainless Steel Copper-Plated.

Legs: 6/16 overlying / vertical
Material: Stanless Steel copper Plated 0.6 mm
Length: 38.5 cm
Blade size: 30 - 35 cm
Page: Left or Right

Your benefits at a glance

Material : Stanless Steel, copper plated
Perfect water flow into the gutter and optimal protection of the house walls
Handling Optimal for retrofitting façade and / or rafter insulation, missing roof overhang, dormers and attach ments of every kind

TIP! Color matching to copper window sills and gutters

Contents 1 Windbreak Ortgang + Number of colored Sprenglerschrauben!

Product Information

Briel wind protection walkways are ideal for covering with roof tiles or roof tiles.
Elaborate and costly screwing and other delusions are superfluous.

The sheets are shipped with plumbing screws for proper installation of Windschutzortgänge.
The use of plumbing screws prevents the ingress of moisture into the Ortbrett, a loosening of the attachment in wind attack, optical damage such as bumps by hammer blow during assembly.

The windscreen aisles are easy to handle, easy to install and ideal for sloping places, as well as roof balconies and roof terraces.
Briel Windscreen Gates are suitable for any roof tile and Dachstein type and offer high resistance to corrosion and weathering.

The base material is made of high quality stainless steel.

These copper verges are delivered with initial patina (blank).

From 25 pieces of a page (right or left) we deliver a first-end-disk for FREE!

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That's how easy it is to determine the correct size of the windscreen verges yoursel

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