20 PIECES BRIEL TECTUM Roof batten connector, extension + bridging of fire protection, for 30x50 mm

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* NOVELTY * 20 PIECES BRIEL TECTUM Roof batten connector, roof battens extension + bridging of fire protection walls for 30x50 mm battens, galvanized sheet steel

We offer in this offer 20 pieces Briel roof batten connector, extension + bridging for 30x50 mm insulting in different lengths.

Material: galvanized sheet steel
Length: 40, 50, 75, 120 cm

Your benefits at a glance

  • Material galvanized sheet steel, thickness: 0.75 mm
  • Fast and inexpensive
  • For insulting 30x50 mm
  • Assembly Simple and fast and clean
  • Lengths Variable selectable
  • Stability High!

Three functions roof batten connector + extension + bridging of fire walls in one

Set content of this offer!

A packaging unit contains:

20 batten extensions in the desired length

Roof bats are often nailed to a simple battens at the headboard.
According to regulations of the ZVDH this is not allowed. An absolutely simple one
Variant without additional effort to connect the roof battens,
Regardless of where the bump is straight, the roof batten connectors from briel.
Furthermore, with this product, the verge, at e.g. subsequent
Facade insulation, widen.

1 product = 3 functions:

  • As roof battens connector
  • as roof battens extension
  • For bridging fire protection walls

The requirement, which are placed on a batten impact according to DIN, can not be met with a normal batten, because the specified minimum distances of the nails do not allow this.

The dutiful craftsman must, therefore, in order to comply with the rules, widen the counter batten in the impact area.

In practice, this is often neglected, which subsequently causes problems, e.g. can lead to expert opinions.

Fixing: with Spax screws!

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